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MN Marriage Equality Advertisements

Earlier this afternoon, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill 37-30 in favor of supporting the legalization of gay marriage, making Minnesota the twelfth state to legalize same-sex marriages. While some people and groups are genuinely supportive and enthralled by the passing legislations and its means toward equality for all citizens of the state, some Minnesota … Continue reading


The Articles We Didn’t Post

Many people are under the impression that The Madison Misnomer is a group of immoral, wretched, and probably sweaty degenerates. While our writers do work in a sweatshop, they actually have plenty of morals. In fact, when we encounter an article too disgusting and offensive to post, we put it in a vault located in … Continue reading


VIDEO: UW Law Students Finally Get to Pee

In an event attended by friends, family and professors, graduating UW-Madison law students commemorated the end of their rigorous spring semester by peeing for the first time since early January. “The Grand Trickling is held annually to symbolize a smooth transition between law school and the legal field,” Constitutional Law Professor Janet Kurtz said. However, … Continue reading



This poem was written by our beard correspondent, Harry Mann. He is the beard of Ivan Reynolds, an Environmental Studies major who enjoys playing the guitar, standing alone in the wilderness, and drinking black coffee. CONTINUE READING Continue reading


May 4th: What Will Happen And Why

by Rodrigo Rodriguez The Badger Herald and The Daily Cardinal have had their shots at opinion pieces on Mifflin. Naturally, they were concerned with journalistic integrity and how intelligent you thought they were. However, I don’t give a shit about journalistic integrity and I couldn’t care less about how intelligent you think I sound (okay, … Continue reading