The Porn Parodies of 2012

2012 was a great year for film. Lovers of the cinema got to see exciting space adventures, courageous superheros, and beautiful, cinematic experiences that left them feeling fulfilled and slightly confused. But as true cinephiles know, for every movie that is screened in theaters, there is a sexy, dirty, nasty equivalent being burned to a … Continue reading


(Don’t) Give Up

I’ve got it covered with unhealthy food instant coffee and tumblr too, and I’m not coming out until exams are all over. And when I’m shuffling to class where all forms of life cry en masse, and I’m sighing with the what’s left of my lungs pretending that I actually don’t belong in high school … Continue reading


Company Recalls 14,000 Racist Vending Machines

ST. LOUIS – R&A Vending Inc. is recalling 14,000 vending units, after several complaints of racially insensitive transactions were brought to the company’s attention earlier this week. The first complaint was brought to R&A’s attention last Tuesday when Joe Reed, an African-American male working in a manufacturing plant, reported that the newly installed unit “worked … Continue reading