Madison Student Accepting Shitty Reality of Living at Home for a Month

In a bleak, yet unanticipated turn of events, UW freshman Kevin Albright will return home Friday for the first time since starting college, where family dysfunction, interminable boredom and long, baked drives around the suburbs with high school friends most certainly await him. Albright has not returned to Chicago suburb Arlington Heights since arriving in … Continue reading


Student Ready for Final so Long as Final Tests on Wikipedia Page for “Who’s the Boss?”

Sporting a confident grin, sophomore Eric Sievert said he is fully prepared for the upcoming final exam in his British Literature and the Industrial Revolution class, assuming that final will test the knowledge he has acquired of the ‘80s TV show Who’s the Boss? from the show’s Wikipedia page. Sievert, leaning back in his chair … Continue reading


Students Question Whether Professor Earned Final Applause

Following his rather milquetoast sendoff before their final exam next Wednesday, students in Professor Weisman’s Media and Global Understanding class were not quite sure he deserved the applause he was given. The clapping began very slowly and tepidly after Weisman finished his goodbye speech, in which the importance of “giving your all” was a big … Continue reading


Kissing Cousins Subs

Everyone has seen the infamous blue barn-shaped building kitty corner to Union South, and it’s a shared UW experience to think “What the fuck is that?” But the infamous cow house is actually a sub shop. Surprise! Cousin Subs has been shrouded in mystery for far too long, and we, The Madison Misnomer, have sleuthed … Continue reading