‘Not living in the Hub’ and ‘Having sex with Bucky’ set to face-off in final

This past week, Southeast superstar ‘Tom’ and School Shit region 2-seed “Caring’ about your TA’s thesis’ were eliminated from the Best UW Experiences tournament, setting the stage for the final matchup.  ‘Not living in the Hub’ and ‘Having sex with Bucky’ have worked all the way from the first round to battle for UW supremacy. Continue reading

Madison Misnomer bracket challenge: The Everclear Eight

Madison Misnomer bracket challenge: The Everclear Eight

  Another entertaining round of the Best UW Experiences Tournament has concluded, and so far audiences have not been disappointed.  From the dominance of top contenders like ‘Tom’ to the underdog heroism of ‘Doing cocaine with your a cappella group, this year’s tournament has been one of the most exciting ever, and it appears it … Continue reading

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College Connoisseur: Girl Scout Cookie drink pairings to please!

This year’s unseasonably warm spring brings more than just shorts, it’s also Girl Scout Cookie season! Nothing’s better than a binge session with your favorite cookie, all college kids know that. However, us Badgers know how to keep the good times rolling, so why stop with just cookies? Here are this years hottest drinks paired … Continue reading


UW Officials soft on anti-semitism, hard on underage drinking

In the aftermath of the anti-Semitic picture posted in Sellery residence hall last month, University of Wisconsin officials came out to clearly affirm the position of the university.  Many students have expressed outrage that the incident was not dealt with more severely, prompting the board of regents to issue a statement letting all students know … Continue reading