Mission Statement

The Madison Misnomer should represent  a unified voice that critiques and comments on current political, cultural or social phenomena and issues. We  present opinions that might not otherwise be heard in a way that is smart, funny and relatable to students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We seek to create a collaborative working environment where writers can work and improve upon their creative writing skills and provide an outlet of publication for varying genres and styles of humorous, satirical writing that can include multiple mediums beyond print.

Madison Misnomer Constitution and Bylaws

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Kaden Greenfield

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dakota Hitchner

Managing Editors
Stephen Deming, Bailey Schuldt

Advertising Coordinator
Jeremy Kogan

Social Media Coordinator
Josh Mendelowitz

Creative Director, Bucky Vision
Cooper Bohn

Nik Checots, Meg Ruocco, Maddie Braun, Paul Tael, Matthew Shelver, Alana Stoehr, Bennett Majerowski, Lev Simmons, Donavon McBride

Come Join Us!
Meetings Wednesdays at 4:30pm
Student Activity Center, Room pending each week
No writing experience needed.

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