Desire2Learn changed to more hip Down2Learn


This week, University of Wisconsin made an edgy attempt to better connect with students by changing the name of the most popular Learn@UW page. After speaking with  several students and discussing the implications of this powerful decision, the administration decided to change the name of “Desire2Learn” to the more hip and relatable “Down2Learn.”

“It was a tough decision, but we want the kids to relate to us more! Replacing the word “to” with 2 just wasn’t cutting it anymore. In an attempt to impress the students and to make up for all the bad press lately, we changed it to Down2Learn so the students just know that we understand them!” administrator Veronica Smith said.

The students have taken to the new name well. Several students stated they are really impressed that the administration is making an effort to better understand them. Junior Becky Slates spoke up on the positive change.

“I’m glad the university is finally seeking out positive change. I guess there are much bigger issues that the administration should be trying to solve, like addressing the recent rape cases and racial issues on campus…but this is cool too I guess”

After checking off this accomplishment, the university now looks to fix some actual problems on this campus. They have the students’ attention, and now that they have established a positive relationship, serious change is on its way.


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