UW Student,drinker shocked to receive BC on “Alcohol and Other Substance Use Disorders” exam

Following a gruesome week of studying for two exams and one quiz, University of Wisconsin junior Matthew Murphy was stunned after checking Learn@UW and finding he scored a BC on his Social Work 453 “Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse” class.3035850085_cde98baa47_z.jpg

“I originally took the class because I already am quite versed in disorderly drinking,” Murphy said.

Students often underestimate the breadth of information packed into a course on such a  well known topic. SW453 covers the legal, social and ethical implications of alcohol and other substance use, as well as covering the patterns of usage in the state of Wisconsin.

Murphy claims his study habits are typical.

“I usually go somewhere with a chill vibe. My go to is Wednesday’s Bar because not many people end up there on weekdays, which makes it a perfect study spot,” Murphy said.

The owner of Wednesday’s said Murphy is not the only one who frequents his bar on weekdays.

“I saw that kid passed out over his study materials last Thursday,” owner Judd Jones said. “I remember him because people were reaching over him to get the bartender’s attention.”

Murphy’s professor acknowledged the difficult balance UW students must manage when involved in extra-curriculars that require excessive drinking, while also enrolled in a few classes.

Murphy intends to change his study habits, hoping for at least a B on his next exam, adding, “I guess I could try the Library. Do they have any good specials?”


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