Fact-ed: There were totally millions of illegal voters, like, for sure

Richard Branson & Rudy Giuliani Visit "Cavuto" On FOX Business NetworkOur man did it again, fellow Trump Hunks. Our man took down the lib turds who bother bringing up crooked Killary ClintOFF’s “lead” in the “popular” vote. On Sunday Trump tweeted “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally”

BA BLAM BA BLAMMER, PUT ‘ER IN THE SLAMMER, OUR PRESIDENT ELECT IS A FUCKING SLEDGE HAMMER. Did you see that? Did you see that right there? Did you feel the mic drop? Our president elect is the only one out there who’s willing to tell the people that voter fraud is HAPPENING. The New York Times is afraid to say it, Obama is afraid to say it, EVERYBODY is afraid to say it, but not our president elect. He’s willing to admit he won a mothafuckin fraudulent election to prove his point. That’s courage I’ve never seen before in politics.

Haters and losers are out there screeching, SCREECHING, that this claim is “baseless,”, but I don’t buy that. Trump is a suave ladies man, he’s almost always somewhere between third and fourth base. I don’t see lil’ Clintcuck’s illegitimate demon baby Anderson Cooper out there with any ladies gettin to any bases at all.

I got one question for ya, haters and losers. Are you ready? I also got your answer. You’re not! You’re not ready for the onslaught of facts Trump has ready to unleash on your pansy pants. Trump’s got powers, he can do shit nobody’s ever even seen before! He can FEEL facts before they’re true and just make em true. He woke up one morning with a FEELING that there were millions of illegal votes cast for Dillary Clintpickle, and he already knows better than all the “experts” who waste their time on “research” when they could really just ask Trump what happened.

Hey, crooked Hillary? If your vote was so popular, why didn’t you win the electoral college, huh? No response? That’s what I thought, you hack. You’re so stupid that you can’t even rig an election right. You had the media working for you, you had thousands of people in on your rigging plan, millions of illegals you paid in DIRTY PESOS to vote for you, and you couldn’t eek out a victory. Oh go ahead, play your woman card, then play your equal rights card, just play the whole leftist deck, it doesn’t matter. Your frail, sick little hands won’t make it all the way through before you collapse of a case of anemic aneurysm cancer woman coma flu syndrome.

Oh, and libs? You know that one sided show you love, SNL? Well it actually stands for Somebody kNife Liberal-idiots, and it’s getting cancelled soon, Until next time, this is Rudy Giuliani signing off.


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