Wednesdays diagnosed with seasonal depression

Meteorologists have discovered that seasonal depression is the cause of the recent trend of cold rainy Wednesdays that have been occurring throughout recent months. Wednesday reportedly has been struggling with lethargy and a lack of motivation since early October and received this diagnosis after agreeing to meet with a meteorologist.

172329“Yeah, Wednesday’s really been bringing us down with all the rain and whatnot. I even tried being warm and sunny to try and cheer him up, but he was as bad as ever this week. I finally sat him down and told him he needed to see a meteorologist. I know there’s a stigma but they can really do some good.” Tuesday said about Wednesday on Thursday.

“I know we’re not that close but usually I’m the day of the week that everyone dreads. At least I know how to handle it. Poor kid.” Monday said Friday about Wednesday.

Wednesday has been prescribed medication that should provide short term relief in the form of 60 degree weather this week. Long term the medication will replace the excessive rain with other forms of precipitation such as snow. The cold is likely to intensify in future months as Wednesday’s ex-girlfriend December is coming into town but Wednesday has said he will continue to see a meteorologist and is encouraging other weekdays to do the same.

Friday and Saturday could not be reached for comment.


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