Tim Kaine to reprise role as Frosty the Snowman


Saying that he’s “too gosh-darn excited” to dust off his top hat and scarf, Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine announced Monday that he would indeed be reprising his role as Frosty the Snowman in the legendary television broadcast.

While the entire special is animated, producers have replaced cartoon Frosty with Kaine for the past five years because, according to producer Dan Myla, “Tim really embodies the spirit, idea, and personality of Frosty that few, including Jackie [Vernon, the original voice of Frosty the Snowman] can truly live up to.”

Kaine said that he loved the character ever since he saw the original airing of the show in 1969.

“Aw jeez, when I saw Frosty dancing and singing and just having a grand old time, I immediately invested in a quality corn cob pipe. I was that inspired.” Said Kaine,  democratic running mate and snowman enthusiast. 

Being Frosty wasn’t always a guarantee for the Junior Senator from Virginia. Time spent as a missionary in Honduras, a degree from Harvard Law School, and stints as the Governor of Virginia and chair of the Democratic National Committee threatened to derail Kaine’s hopes of portraying the mythical snowman. But then on a crisp fall day in November of 2011, he got the call he had been wanting for decades.
Kaine’s portrayal has received rave reviews from many critics, with the New York Times claiming that Kaine as Frosty is “magic, a bright light in the world of acting that will never go out.” In preparation for the role, Kaine has already begun exposing himself to below-freezing temperatures and has hired an acting coach to discuss if Frosty’s death and rebirth is an allusion to the story of Christ.


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