UW junior ‘seriously considering Seattle’ after graduation

In a spontaneous and original turn of intentions for one University of Wisconsin-Madison junior, Trent Card says he is “leaning toward moving to Seattle’ after graduating early this December.

“Yeah man, I’m really thinking about starting my life in Seattle after I graduate,” Card said to his roommate Carl Schumacher early Sunday morning in their apartment. “It’s my kind of place, ya know? The music scene is pretty sick, there’s a lot of culture, the coffee’s great; I’m totally stoked about the possibility.”

Card’s recent development in post-graduation plans comes after working for a B.S. in electrical engineering. Contrary to his original plans of moving back to Rhinelander and working for his father, Card says he believes that with his degree, he could “totally find work out west, especially in Seattle.” There is a bourgeoning enterprise in STEM positions on the west coast. With an engineering degree, Card claims, avionics could be an apt field in which to work.

“I think Boeing’s based in Seattle? If not, somewhere close to it. I can see them needing someone knowing how to wire the planes. That’s the most pragmatic path for me. I’m perfect for it,” Card said.

Card said he has no family in the Seattle-Tacoma area, but figured the area would be a cool place to get his foot in the door career-wise. He also claimed Seattle is definitely “off the beaten path” and says he feels Seattle would be a good match for his eclectic, alternative personality. No traces of this were found during the interview after Card failed to name all three founding members of Nirvana and the coffee chain with roots in Seattle.

“The Midwest is so tired. I need something new.”

As of press time, Card was reported to be sifting through racks at Ragstock to find “that grunge look.”


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