Students proudly post fine art on uwmadison_snaps

Nude portraits, plant archival photos, and Bosch-esque images of carnivàl are making up the majority of Snapchats sent into the popular photo messaging application.

Gaining popularity in the past week, the unaffiliated school account has collected and displayed hundreds of images and short video clips sent in by the most artistic connoisseurs on campus.

“It’s all so wonderfully verité,” art major Eliot Fitzsimmons commented. “My fellow scholars are making wonderful use of chiaroscuro, repoussoir and pipe-shaped imagery in their snaps.”

Turn down for genre painting!
Turn down for genre painting!

The Snapchat gallery viewers are even demanding certain images with the updating stories.

The predominant male postings have been requesting portraits of the human figure from women. Commented one six-second snap that showed a self-portrait of a younger gentleman frowning, “was expecting more Jenny Saville works. Come on, ladies.”

In response, women have been posting responses to the men inviting them to show more images of the phallic symbol. Suggested by a eight-second snap of a drawn-out letter ‘U’ attached to two circles, “Ladies need some heroic Greek sculpture too tho.”

Some students, however, find the scenes depicted in the snaps to be tasteless and banal in comparisons to the great works of University of Wisconsin arts’ past.

“What has happened to the days when pastoral images of Lake Mendota sunsets were the most popular?” Maggie Fischer, moderator of the official UW Instagram account wondered.

“No longer are we showcasing plein-air landscape painting on Bascom Hill. We’re shown to hazy, subjective images of flowering plants. I just hate this modernist bullshit,” Fischer said.

The majority of students, though, do simply appreciate a common posting ground for the varied interest of Madison’s art scene.

“It can be reassuring to know so many people have similar interests,” sophomore Willy Kooning said. “Especially in looking at some great titties.”


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