Campus living guide

Housing leases are already being taken for the 2015-2016 school year. Things can get complicated when trying to figure out where to live, so the Madison Misnomer has come up with a helpful list of different options and what they say about you to facilitate the process!

Whoa! I get to look up at a different apartment from my window???
Whoa! I get to look up at a different apartment from my window???
  • Xo1 – I can afford to live in an apartment that cost Xo1,000 more dollars.
  • Equinox – Yeah, we get it, you deal.
  • Grand Central – I love to see all my hard-earned money go towards rent too.
  • Palisades – Meshuganah, this building is tall!!!
  • Saxony – You don’t know how to treat yourself. The ‘eighth-grade-gym-short-you-still-wear-because-they’re-comfy’ of apartments
  • Lucky – When I say freshman, you say child of money!
  • Statesider – Langdon Light
  • The Hub – Oh, I didn’t know you were the son of Jay Gatsby.
  • Humbucker – How is it living in the real life version of a fake, generated establishing shot?
  • The Towers on State – Convenient access to Urban Outfitters and the homeless haranguers of State
  • PH House – Jesus by day, Satan by night.
  • College Park Apartments – Sophomore slums, now with even more hard drugs at your parties!
  • International Co-Op – Too busy reading W. Somerset Maugham to find your own room, eh?
  • Willie Street – Are you my weed dealer?
  • Boardwalk – #YoPro
  • Victory Court Apartments – Paging, future Dr. Zoernberg, your medical school debts are in critical condition.
  • The Monroe – Pretty sure I should just be going to Edgewood, at this point.
  • La Ciel – Like stepping back into 1987.
  • The Waterfront – How much more J. Crew can your life be?

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