“Artist” Pitbull joins President Obama in opposing breed-specific Pit Bull legislation

Mr. Worldwide claims to be ‘doing it for the bitches.’For years, organizations like ASPCA have been fighting breed-specific legislation, which is said to unfairly target breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, by limiting or outlawing possession of such animals. They are thrilled, as President Obama and ‘artist’ Pitbull join the fight.

“Ay man, this lil chico just wants to breed!” Pitbull comments as he comes out publicly with his opinion on the bans.

"Eeeeeeee!" - Pitbull, or a Pit Bull
“Eeeeeeee!” – Pitbull, or a Pit Bull

The “rapper” claims that limits on pit bull breeding would severely impact his ‘music’ career, as he has a reputation as a ‘playa’ to uphold.

Pitbull also voices concern that these breeding limits will leave ladies unsatisfied, stating that’s not how Dade County raised him. Thirty-three states have regulations in certain cities, while thirteen more have statewide bans.

Florida, where Pitbull currently resides, is one of these. On his state’s legislation, Pitbull stated, “I’m not yelling Timber anymore, I’m yelling help a homeboy out. ¡Dale!”

ASPCA admits that ‘musician’ Pitbull may be confused about exactly what he’s rallying against.

“But honestly,” says Tim Wary, director of society, “we’ll take all the help we can get at this point.”

Just as Pitbull’s ‘music’ targets all those who innocently turn on the radio, not just those looking for a remedial Spanish lesson on how to objectify women, breed-specific legislation targets all dogs in a certain breed, not simply the problem ones. These bans often lead to dogs being hidden indoors, causing more strain to the animal than good to the community.

“This is the reason we need these laws repealed. They do more harm than the dogs ever could,” Mr. Wary said.

“That’s not how we do it in Miami,” Pitbull agreed solemnly.


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