Women, Stop Oppressing Us

Recently, Fox came out with an article that discussed the real battle of the sexes and how it is actually a war on men. Most people saw those famous three letters together and completely wrote-off the article as conservative, mindless bull crap. But, I urge you to look beyond Fox’s bias. Believe it or not, there were some valid arguments brought up because, if you ask me, men are oppressed.


Sure, I get it. Women didn’t have the right to vote and were never encouraged to get a job out of the kitchen. I understand that women have had it rough. But don’t you think this feminism stuff is getting a little old? What rights could you possibly still be fighting for?

Then, I figured it out. Women don’t want to be our equals. They want to be above us. Stronger than us. Better than us. This whole time men thought we were getting closer to equality while women were, in fact, winning the battle of the sexes. They were fighting to get paid more than men. They were striving to be more favorable in the court system. They were doing all of this work so that no matter what, they come out on top. They made it so that we’re rooting for them, not all of mankind. Perhaps we should just call it womankind.

Men just don’t get the same treatment as women do. For example, women can wear jeans and a t-shirt and it’s perfectly fine and normal. But if men wear skirts and blouses, he’s either called a weirdo or a transvestite. A woman can come up to me and go, “Yeah, when I first met you, I thought you were gay. Isn’t that funny?” But on the contrary, if I went up to a woman and say, “Yeah, when I first met you, I thought you were a lesbian.”, it will not have the same effect. She will either cry or punch me in the face.

And can we stop calling men the enemy? I am so sick and tired of being generalized as the bad guy. I’m not sure who started it first, but I swear the feminist movement has just turned into a big, Lifetime movie message. Contrary to popular belief, not all men want to rape or molest or assault women. In fact, many of us totally respect women. And do you want to know why we respect women? Because we’re brainwashed to! Women have convinced us that they deserve respect when they have avoided having to respect men.

Watch a sitcom or a movie with a typical family. The dad is always dumb, rude and can’t do simple household tasks. The mom is always smart, nice and can do everything her children need her to do and then some. With this poor representation in media, how in the world could anyone be expected to respect men? I wouldn’t even doubt that there was a woman behind Spike TV. We are conditioned to think that dads are dumb brutes and that moms are intelligent saints. To think that this does not play into our future relationships is ignorant.

In addition to all of this, this plays a major role in the law as we know it. This saint status is carried with women right into the courtroom, like a personal get-out-of-jail-free card. Are the prisons filled with more men because more men are guilty? Or is it because most women are found not guilty based solely on the fact that they’re women? If a mom and a dad go into courtroom and fight for custody, that judge is going to have half his or her mind made up before anyone says anything. The dad obviously walked out on his kids and the mom obviously loves them more. It might come as a shock to some of you, but bad moms do exist. Show me the Lifetime movie with that message.

I want equal treatment, women. I want to see a father character who is intelligent, domesticated and nice. I want to be able to grow my hair long and wear a skirt without you thinking there’s something mentally wrong with me. I want you to respect me just like I’m expected respect you. Women, please stop oppressing my gender.


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