Bielema Puts O’Brien on the Waiver Wire

Bret Bielema, head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers, placed his troubled quarterback Danny O’Brien on the waiver wire yesterday. Calling O’Brien an “all around stand-out guy,” nevertheless, he is shopping him around the NCAA hoping to use the open slot in his roster to pick up a more beneficial player.


O’Brien, who was brought on to the Badgers for a fifth-year through a loop-hole in the NCAA rules involving enrollment in a graduate program not offered by his previous school, had a dismal start with the Badgers and quickly lost his starting job to freshman phenom Joel Stave. He was brought back on to the field after Stave went down with a shoulder injury during the Badgers’ contest versus Michigan State, but promptly proceeded to single-handedly lose the game, failing to find open receivers, throwing the ball inaccurately, and rushing for negative yardage when pursued by the Spartans’ rushers. It is believed that Bielema may be able to get a decent Division III cornerback or nose tackle out of the transaction.

The Badgers’ coach, who couldn’t be reached for comment as he was on his annual weekly bayou pussy hunt, faces intense criticism for his treatment of Stave’s injury, which many believe he aggravated in the locker-room by repeatedly and aggressively pushing Stave into the lockers calling him “yellow” and a “beach bum” like it was 1935, in addition to causing Stave to continue to practice with his broken collarbone unattended-to for several days. Bielema reportedly was making Stave do as many at 100 push-ups per practice during this week, head-to-head with O’Brien, who was able to complete Bielema’s tasks easily and who we are told stood behind the coach during the locker-room incident, snickering. Nevertheless, Bielema saw the need to release O’Brien to the waiver wire under his “One-and-Oh” ethos, which, with O’Brien at the helm, seems to be mathematically closer to “Oh-and-En.”

No one is really sure quite what new, starting Badgers QB Curt Phillips looks like, but Bielema and his staff only have the best of hopes about him.

“I mean, at this juncture, he’s the only guy I see as our team leader looking forward,’ says Bielema, “sure, I have no idea who exactly he is or what he looks like, but I can guarantee he throws a football better than O’Brien. That kid threw a ball like an autistic harlequin baby with Parkinson’s.’


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